Nova-Creative is a crappy author until you refund my hard earn money or you continue your craps

Good luck! if you still insist their service while I got screwed up and on my first theme uploaded negatively and the support is suck ! 

I spend another 100 over more pricey than the shit Nova-Creative developer theme! For the new awesome theme. I uploaded 1 time and here I am >> see it yourself please.

The following are my screenshot with Nova-creative and screen shot of the  faulty Warehouse | Electronics & Multi-Purpose shit theme that I purchased 1st time for 59 dollars and I can not use at all the worst part is that my product page page is not working as shown as followed!!! 

Refund is hard you can try it almost not possible!


The following screen shot was the theme author, me, shopify staff and lastly envato.

First the theme author told me that my Apps pushed his theme code and told me to delete them. 

I did delete but still not working .

I feed back to the theme author and they told me is very difficult for them. see below screen shot


I seek help from shopify support and they are very helpful for 2 days and found that is not the apps fault. The reply screen shot  below.


Now me, speechless ........................................................................................................................................................................

Hi Violife

After careful review, Nova-Creative has decided to decline your request to refund your purchase of Warehouse | Electronics & Multi-Purpose Shopify Theme. They provided the following reason:


We have helped you fully. In this case you will not receive a refund

Thank you

If you disagree with the author's decision you can raise a dispute.

The Envato Market Team


Above screenshot was envato market replied email.

The following are my entire new theme trouble issues


My Product page uploaded Nova-Creative theme begin with the variant price not working

Everyone pls read their reply, they rather replying more question to you since 1mth ago, this is to make you tired and give up.

Joef (Market)

Mar 28, 2021, 17:17 GMT+11

Thank you for sending these over. Please understand that sending multiple messages will not guarantee a faster resolution to concerns as it will only push the support ticket further into the queue. 

Regarding your refund request, I can see that it was declined and raised into a dispute under ticket 2315475. No need to respond to that ticket as we will be handling it here. 

Please understand that we review refund requests on a case-to-case basis under the guidance of our Market Refund Rules. Wherein it is stated that only items that are proven to be faulty are entitled to a full refund. Thus, we are required to thoroughly investigate a claim to proceeding with any refund request.

Kindly note that authors are bound to certain guidelines, wherein they can only provide support for the following scenarios:

·         specific questions about the features and functionality of the item

·         guidance on the way the item is designed

·         help with issues related to using the item and getting the most value out of its functionality.

·         answer questions about third party assets or functionality (e.g. plug-ins) bundled with the item, such as how they work and other technical questions.

Any installation, customization or issues about your web hosting or server environment, or issues with the software installed on the machine to use the item is no longer within the scope of support an author is obligated to provide.

However, we understand you can no longer continue using this file and since you have a good record on your Envato Market account we might be able to provide you with this one-time exception.

I have credited the item back to your Envato Market account and you should see it the next time you login to your account. These credits can be used to buy items on the Envato Market sites and can be extended at any time should the credits expire.

Note: The license and invoice for the following purchase is now void: 

Warehouse | Electronics & Multi-Purpose Shopify Theme (Regular License)

Invoice: IVIP42495423

I hope you’ll be able to use the credits to find an item that suits your purpose. Good luck with your next project.

All the best,


Customer Success
(UTC +8)

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Who is interested with your product if your support are craps.

Joef (Market)

Mar 22, 2021, 11:57 GMT+11

Hi there, 

Apologies if we weren't able to respond to your concern sooner, I'm Joef, an Envato Customer Success Officer.

I understand you have a few questions regarding the item Warehouse | Electronics & Multi-Purpose Shopify Theme and would like to go forward with your project as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical support for individual files. For this, we suggest that you contact the author of the item through the following options:

If you prefer to continue raising a refund instead, please fill in this Refund Form. (must be logged in to Envato Market account)

Once this request has been submitted, you will be receiving an automated email which will have information about refund request. It’s important that you keep this email because this will contain the dispute link. The dispute link will give you access to lodge a dispute regarding your refund request. The link will only be accessible after 5 days have passed.

Kindly note that all refund requests are still subject for review, feel free to reach through this article for more information: Can I Get A Refund?

Please let me know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

All the best,


Customer Success
(UTC +8)


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I commented but under review since 28 March 2021, Im still counting down.

Hope this report is helpful to people who want to purchase any theme from them !