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4D Electric Head Massager Waterproof Scalp Massage Prevent Hair Loss Wireless Massager Health Care

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839 in stock


●Head Spa and Wet Dry Head Massager

Unisex. Designed to be easy to hold in your hand, this head massager can be used easily by women and the elderly. Change your mood in just 10 minutes every day. No matter where you are, at home or in the office, you can take care of your scalp wirelessly. Scalp massages release stiff scalp or waste accumulated in the scalp. In addition, it can also be used to make your face smaller.

●LED Red Light / Blue Light Irradiation Promotes Hair Development Mode:

The LED light promotes hair growth due to a mechanism that allows a special signal from the cells when the LED light reaches the nipple cells. If you use it for about 10 minutes every day, you can achieve the volume of your hair. One-touch activation and suitable for both ages and youngsters: It has only one button, making it very easy to understand and easy to operate.

●Easy to operate, 4 modes

There is only one button, making it very easy to understand and easy to operate. There are 4 modes. Each has forward rotation slow mode, forward and double speed mode, reverse rotation slow speed and reverse rotation red and blue. You can choose direction, speed and mode with one-touch depending on your preference. The electric brush body is not too heavy, making it easy to use. Compact electric brush that can be stored in the base when not in use

●Durable and Durable:

The brush is made of soft silicone material and the exterior is made of high-quality ABS material, making it environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. Perfect Gift: Perfect as a Christmas gift, Thanksgiving Day, or Birthday gift for yourself, your family, or friends. Please note that this product is not a medical device. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time


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Head Massager Electric

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Massage & Relaxation

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Body Head Scalp Back Neck Massager


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