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Lung Cleanse Detox Pills Promote Respiratory Health Mucus Clearing Aid Asthma Relief Altitude Sickness Vegan Capsule

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[Product specifications]60 pcs/bottle
[Period of validity]24 months.
[Usage and dosage] 2 pcs a time, 2 times per day, edible with warm water
[Health care function ] Lung Cleanse Detox; Quit Smoking Aid; Asthma Relief; Altitude Sickness Relief
[Storage method]Seal, keep in a cool and dry place

Lung Detox for Smokers if your lungs are overworked or damaged by smoking, allergies, or pollution – lung cleanse capsules help provide lung health support and clear breathing.
Lung Health: our lung health supplement helps detoxify, cleanse, & refresh respiratory linings of the bronchial passages and lungs. Lung pills help with lungs & respiratory health, the immune system.
Lung Support Supplement: Say goodbye to coughing and wheezing! Our lung support supplement naturally cleanses and strengthens the lungs to reduce toxins and clear mucus from the respiratory tract, facilitating breathing for people with blocked air passageways, chest congestion, and respiratory issues.
Stop Smoking Fast: when you smoke a cigarette, dangerous gases pass into the lungs to every organ in your body. Smoking poisons your brain & body, destroys health. Stop it by taking lung to cleanse for smokers.
Start a New Life Now: lung cleanse pills help easier quitting smoking. Moreover, this supplement protects your family from passive smoking & saves the money that you waste on cigarettes.
Great Supplement for You: we are proud of the high quality of our supplements. It is with natural & effective ingredients.

Additional information

Brand Name




Number of Pieces

One Unit

Model Number

Rhodiola, Squalene



How to use

2 times a day, 2 capsules each time


60 pills/bottle

Shelf life

2 years

Storage Method

Seal, Keep In Cool and Dry Place

Shipping Information

Ship Free Worldwide via YANWEN Special Standard Estimated delivery 10-14 days


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