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ZOSS English or Russian Voice Cuff Wrist Sphygmomanometer Blood Presure Meter Monitor Heart Rate Pulse Portable Tonometer BP

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English Russian Voice Wrist Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Meter Monitor Heart Rate Pulse Portable Tonometer Tonometer BP Latest design, German chip, acrylic panel, better quality, more accurate german chips

For products with a voice function, the voice function can be turned off, the command has an operation flow, and the voice can be turned off.

Can let the old people hear the number, better, more convenient to use the machine

пожилые люди могут услышать цифры, лучше и удобнее для использования машин.

Welcome to visit home health care store, hope you can find the products suit for you!!!

Please pay attention to choosing 3 different Models:

Non Voice model: Easy to read the data.

Russian Voice Model: Russian Voice

English Voice Model: English Voice

1.Dear friends, product upgrade, acrylic face, German chip, more accurate, Russian voice, English voice, welcome to buy!

2.Дорогие мои, друзья, обновление продукции, акриловые лица, немецкие чипы, более точные, русские голоса, голоса в английском, и добро пожаловать на все!

The new acrylic panel is harder, drop-proof, shockproof, scratch-resistant, better quality and stronger.!!!!!!!!!

Full set:

1*operating manual (1. Russian voice: Russian operating manual 2. No voice and English voice: English operating manual )

1*Electronic blood pressure monitor

1*Wrapping paper box

Set speaker sound:

Press the Set button, it will show “SP ON” on the screen,
which means the speaker sound is switched on.
Press the Set button, the display will be changed to
“SP OFF”. It means the speaker sound is switched off.

Technical parameters:

1. Display mode: liquid crystal display screen
2. Measuring mode: depressurization type oscillometric method for measurement
3. Power supply: two AAA alkaline batteries (3V)
4. Measurement range:(20-280)mmHg/(2.7-3.7) kPa (blood pressure) ,(40-160) times/min (pulse rate)
5. Accuracy:±3mmHg/±0.4kPa (blood pressure) ±5%(pulse rate)
6. Air charging mode: automatic charging
7. Air leakage device: the air relief valve
8. Quick air leakage: electronic air release valve
9. Result display:high pressure/low pressure/pulse
10. Unit conversion: conversion of blood pressure value unit mm Hg/KPa (default unit when start is mmHg)
11. Number of memory groups: Double 99 memory groups.
12. Low battery inspection: LCD displays symbol “battery” to indicate low battery
13. WHO tip: blood pressure warning strip is used to indicate blood pressure and health status
14. Arrhythmia tip: LCD displays “♥” flickering to indicate arrhythmia
15. Overpressure protective function: automatically releases air when air pressure exceeds 295mmHg(20MS)
16. Automatic shutdown function: automatic shutdown in one minute when there is no operation
17. Current: dynamic current less than 500mA, statistic current less than 30 mA, shutdown current less than 20uA
18. Normal working conditions:
a) Environment temperature:5-40 degrees Celsius
b)Relative humidity: less than or equal to 85%
c)Atmospheric pressure: 85kPa ~ 105kPa

Additional information

Brand Name



China Mainland



Item Type

Blood Pressure

Model Number

Blood Pressure


1 set



Model Name

wrist blood pressure montior


Liquid crystal display screen

power supply



Automatic Pressurization Mode


Health Care Portable Home

Product Use

Health Monitor

Feature 2

Russian/English voice

Feature 3

Electronic air release valve

Air leakage device

Air relief valve

Panel material



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