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For 30 days, you can effectively increase penile length and girth.

Hirudo Medicinalis enzymes are found in leech oil (Medicinal leeches). Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches) is used in modern medicine to cure blood clotting in skin graft operations and surgeries. Leech has another advantage that is less well-known but as vital for males. Leech aids in the strengthening and enlargement of the male organ. The Javanese people of Indonesia created an innovative formula centuries ago to help men better their sexual lives.

The Secret Of A Man Who Has Four Happy Wives

How Will He Handle Their Sex Lives?

The males of Java and Malaya can have up to four wives, and in order to retain their sexual power and virility, they had to devise natural cures to help them reach their goal of a good marriage. As a result, they've been using a specific ointment for their penis to keep their sexual virility. The original Javanese recipe is thought to differ from the recipe stated in the Karma Sutra. The leech is blended with other traditional herbs and cooked inside fresh green coconuts in the classic Javanese method of creating the oil. The mixture is then cooked over charcoals for a period of time. The substance created by this activity is a concentration of dark and viscous oil that is highly revered by the Javanese community's men.

How To Use?

2 times a day, usually in the morning and evening.

Massage for about 10 minutes, then allow the oil to absorb. Let it air dry, wash your penis if you need to have sex without condom after oil less than 6hrs.

The creators and masters of penile augmentation have become a rare species, and the original formulations are only known to a select few who have inherited the secrets from their forefathers. Traditionally, oils were employed and a mantra was repeated to enlarge the male sexual organ. One of the benefits of the oil is that it develops a layer of coating on the penis, which protects it from being affected by the cold of the environment, which can weaken the organ.

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How Many Bottles Should Be Purchased?

30 years old and below 4 bottles for one course of treatment.

30 years old and above for 1 course of 6 bottles.

A 60ml bottle can last for one and a half to two months at least.

Within a week, you should notice some improvement if you follow every tip.
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How Much Will It Grow In Centimeters?

1-2 courses in general, the penis can grow 1-3cm longer in compliance with the specification

In around 40 days, you should notice a permanent increase and observable consequences. Gains will be reduced by around 20% after 40 days. The treatment should be repeated for another 1-2 cycles to maximize the gains until the ideal size is reached (which varies from person to person), after which the gains will be permanent.
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How It Works?

With its special recipe, penis enlargement oil can boost blood reflux, the body reserves the male hormone release, and the body begins producing natural hormones.

Supplying penile growth nourishment, extending the corpora cavernosa, boosting blood capacity, and encouraging penis growth
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Please Note That Once A Man Reaches 60 Years Old

The penis, like other muscle parts start to loose mass. Continued use of this natural oil helps to maintain muscle mass. Maintenance use need not be daily. Once every 2-3 days is sufficient. The oil is not only for size gain but for the protection of the organ from deterioration.

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Pure Green Leech 100% Natural Herbal Oil For Big Strong Long & Enlargement Cucumber. freeshipping - VIOlife Marketplace

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  • Brand Name: duai

  • Sexually Suggestive: No

  • Origin: CN(Origin)

  • Obscene Picture: No

  • Material: Pure extraction

  • Size: 30ml

  • Model Number: men's penis enlargement oil

  • Item Type: Lubricants

  • Item Type: Pumps & Enlargers

  • men: penis enlargement pump

  • pleasure products: pro extender for penis

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  • Feature 1: sex enhancements products

  • Feature 2: prevent premature ejaculation

  • Feature 3: retard ejaculation oil

  • Can treat broke bunch

  • Expanding penis vein so that your penis see stronger and greater

  • Harden further penis so that it more strong

  • Strengthen further in every penis part

  • Stretching penis structure

  • Delaying fountain when with wife

  • Add more pleasant in sexual intercourse

  • Launching ejaculation of semen

  • Rehabilitating urine tract and semen channel so that it more fluent

100% Natural Organic Leech Oil. It is safe to use.

It is recommended for a first time user to massage the groin with the oil and follow with the below suggested massage technique, twice a day, morning and night, (do not wash off the oil after massaging). After the desired result is achieved, the frequency of application can be reduced, around 2-3 times weekly on a regular basis.

Massage from the base to the head of the penis on the right and left sides. Press the skin at the base of the penis if the skin is loose. Repeat 5 times. Massage from the base to the head of the penis on the right and left sides. Press the skin at the base of the penis if the skin

  • Increase the size

  • Strengthens the walls, veins, muscles and chambers

  • Recover elasticity of urinary tract and seminal tract

  • Recover 6,666 vital veins

  • Smoother urinary flow

You should see some permanent increase in around 40 days. After 40 days, the gains will be reduced by about 20%. The treatment should be continued for another 1-2 cycles to further the gains until the optimum size is reached (which varies from man to man) and thereafter the gains will be permanent.

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All customs duties and taxes, if any (by your country's customs) will be borne by the buyer and payable at the destination.

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